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Redefine ladies night and party like a Yogi

Our bespoke yoga get togethers are catered to you, for you and for your guests.  

You can expect fairy lights, candles, yoga of your choice, tapas, wine and a small souvenir. 

Keep reading to explore our bespoke menu and choose from an array of options, ensuring your event is exactly as you envision. 

Your Yoga Class

  • Vinyasa: 60 min

  • Hatha: 60 min

  • Yin: 60 min

Included in the class are your essentials: Mats, blocks, straps​

Your Class Add On's​

  • Meditation: 5/10/15 min

  • Pranayama: 5/10/15 min 

The Set Up

  • Fairy Lights

  • Place Cards: To set the mood, instead of name cards, we set out place cards with inspiring words ar each seat & mat and ask guests to sit at the place setting that "speaks" to them the most. 

After Class

  • Tapas

  • Wine & Cheese

  • The Send away: Choose from candles, crystals, 

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